Not sure if you heard the latest news in Google land. But this nugget is probably the most disturbing thing I have heard in years…

On June 28th, Google unveiled it’s Google+ project.

This isn’t the same thing as that  +1 button that has been gathering a lot of attention over the last few months.

It’s a Facebook killing social networking platform. The sole goal of which is to guarantee that Google is forever the only major player on the Internet.

Think of it as a Google weapon against biggest rival Facebook

To finally once and for all win all the internet for themselves.

Okay, but who really cares? I mean, what does this have to do with Internet marketing now and running a home-based business in the future.

How does this affect your online business right now…

Well, let me ask something:

“Do you remember how much fun the infamous ‘Google Slap’ was?”

Yep, that was when they permanently banned thousands of Internet marketers in our industry from ever using Google Pay-Per-Click ads again…

When they made it almost impossible to use simple lead capture pages without violating their insanely convoluted rules.

It put a lot of small “mom and pop” businesses out on the streets overnight.

Now imagine, if Google OWNED Facebook.

If Facebook was Google.

If the rules were even remotely like their “guidelines” for pay-per-click advertising then they would eventually ban you for sharing your interests with friends.

Unless your interests were approved of by big brother.

What’s that? You wrote an article about working from the comfort of home? Well, don’t share that “evil scheme” on Google+ book…

The “big brother” might not approve…

They might even delete your account and your friends overnight…

Will Google’s Death Star “win the Internetz”?

The only way we’ll know for sure is to wait patiently like lambs for the slaughter and see what happens to Facebook…

But be warned, the “Google book” is nothing to scoff at.

–You will have a sleek interface designed by a Macintosh designer.
(So you can look stylish before they delete your account.)

— You will be able to meet-up with your contacts through multi-person video.
(Forget about paying for team calls! Until they ban your friends..)

— You will be able to access your mobile photos from any device you own.
(Sweet! Till they delete them all for violations…)

— You will have more control over your privacy options.
(In fact, you’ll be completely invisible after they ban you…)

It will essentially be a “better” version of the Facebook with full integration with all of Google’s ever popular apps and services.

If Facebook was owned by the evil Emperor Palpatine…

You can learn more about this evil project here…

P.S. “Too pessimistic?” Naw, I would love to believe that Google+ is wonderful. That magically delicious rainbows, pretty pink pixies, and sparkly ponies will be born every time a user registers for a new beta account.

But unfortunately history tends to repeat itself.

Plus, we’re talking about a company that will literally own the Internet.

 They already own YouTube… in case you missed that…