Today, I want to share something upsetting with you.

You probably won’t like it.

You might even send me some nasty hate mail after reading it.

But here we go:

You may know that I have been fortunate enough to meet many of the most successful people in our industry in person, on the phone, or through personal correspondence We’re talking about multi-million dollar Internet Marketing “phenoms” and more top producers in our biz than I can honestly shake a stick at.

The “best of the best”, the “cream of the crop”, the “big dogs” in the biz. But what’s their “Real” Secret?

I mean what do they do differently from everybody else?…

You see, it isn’t unusual for somebody to ask me what the “real secret” to success in our industry is. They assume that I’m in on the secret. That I know something they do not know. That there’s some kind of “secret conspiracy” of silence. The weird thing is they’re right.

There kind of is a conspiracy…

There are secrets that the top producers in our industry will not share with you. Not online. Not in their books, courses, or audio recordings. These are things they will only share with you face-to-face, after they’ve “warmed-up” to you with a few drinks or an ice cold beer. In fact, there are a few “secrets” that I do not normally share publicly either.

“Why not share them openly?” Well, mostly because these “secrets” are either too simple to be taken seriously or too upsetting to be accepted unless you can see the sincerity in person. The message kind of gets lost in translation. One of these upsetting secrets will hurt your wallet big time.

You will probably hate me for even daring to mention it. But it’s one of the pillars of my own success… That “upsetting secret” is spending. When I say “spending” I mean investing 50-90% of your disposable income on your own personal growth and development. (Nobody likes to hear this one! But sometimes the truth hurts.)

The only difference between you and the top earners in our industry “success wise” is what you know… and what you do with what you know… once you know it. If you want what somebody else “has got” then you have “got to get” what “they got” in their head into yours… meet them in person… learn what they know…

More importantly, apply what you learn until you get what they got.

Right now, you have a golden opportunity to do that.

It’s time to change your life…