To make the subject simple as it is I can tell you that online marketing is marketing conducted online but there is a little bit more to it, so lets discover the rest.

Marketing is an activity which combines the advertising, distributing, and selling of goods and services. A skilled marketer uses research methods to learn and understand what his customers – or audience members – want. There is also a creative side to marketing that comes in when it’s time to envision and design effective advertising.

When it comes to online marketing, there are numerous subfields, including search engine marketing, which seeks to make individual web sites noticeable on search engines like Google, and social media marketing (sometimes called social network marketing), which uses online communities to expose or sell goods, services, and companies.

Even the marketing experts are only starting to catch a whiff of the incredible opportunities that social media offers to entrepreneurs – and every filmmaker should consider himself or herself an entrepreneur. Because of the potential of social media, especially for those of you on a tight budget, please refrain from turning up your nose at social networks online.

Why Market Online, Rather Than Offline?

Benefits of online marketing include:

1. Lower overall costs – you will invest less time, energy, and money to reach more people.

2. Interactivity – you can receive and provide instant responses to your customers and contacts, and you can elicit more responses in general because online methods of communication are common and easy to use (Facebook is at 250 million users and counting).

3. The ability to target individuals by location, demographics, and interests.

4. The ability to measure statistics and the effectiveness of your marketing. For example, you can easily measure and compare the amount of members in your Facebook group, or the number of visitors your web site receives, within a given time period.

There are however some small drawbacks to online marketing, including the intangible nature of your products and services when seen on a screen, for some the security may be an issue, the inability to reach people who don’t have the necessary technology The but the actual only limitation you may have when marketing online is, you can’t reach people without relevant technology, means computer and internet but as you may know there are not many of those without one left.  As you can see, the benefits of online marketing outweigh the limitations big time.

So get your online marketing business started … Now, and enjoy the freedom and rewards it offers you.