Tips to Profitable PPV Campaign

Very quickly..

I want to share a quick tip which turned a LOSING campaign into a winner, instantly.

One common method of starting PPV campaigns is the throw and stick method.

What this means is that you will get a ton of URLs for a bunch of websites, or a bunch of URLs for a domain and let traffic run to them and see what converts.

I did this with one of my campaigns targeting many URLs for one domain. My campaign was quickly getting a ton of traffic but not many conversions.

Most people complain that DirectCPV has poor quality traffic. In order to get the best quality traffic, I decided I needed to do something a little bit better than the throw and stick method since I didn’t want to blow a large budget on this campaign.

To begin-

Assumption 1: A website that requires users to login to access the main features has a majority of users who know, like, and trust that site. (Like Facebook)

Assumption 2: A user who is logged-in is more than likely a user that knows, likes, and trusts that site. (Since they have already been converted to members)

Assumption 3: It is better to target a logged-in user than a non-logged-in user and to target pages that are only visible after log-in because of the assumptions above.

In order to “pre-qualify” a visitor and get better quality traffic I eliminated all pages that did not require a user to login.

Instead of targeting for example you would target which is the News Feed.

By targeting only urls that were only accessible by being a logged-in user, I got better quality traffic because I eliminated all people that did not already know, like, and trust the target site.

Immediately, just by eliminating these non-member targets, my ROI shot through the roof and I nabbed a profitable campaign that I can keep pouring dollars into everyday.

Always think of visitor psychology when running your campaigns.

If they haven’t even logged into a site, will your offer be believable?

Good luck,


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