Let’s face it:

Building a successful Six, Seven, or even Eight-figure business is not easy.

It can be incredibly frustrating, overwhelming, and stressful.

Not to mention the fact that bills will continue to come in no matter whether you’re making a
profit or not. (The vultures will circle and they won’t give you a break no matter how much or
little you make.)

You know, some days I just feel like SCREAMING at the top of my lungs. But then I have a great
day where everything is sunshine and bunnies and I forget every negative thing in existence.

Thankfully, I’ve learned the fine
art of “relaxation”…

It’s simple. You simply clear your mind, lean back, put your feet up on your coffee table (when
nobody’s looking!), with a warm cup of tea, and ignore your phone and computer for an hour or
two. It’s remarkable how much energy you have left when you do absolutely nothing for a change.

Trust me, you think you’re wasting time, but the more you “chillax”…

The more time you got…