Do you want to make money online?

Did you know that only about 3 to 5 people out of every 100 ever achieve the online business success they are looking for. That’s correct 95% of people that try to make it online fail. Do you think that those who make it are just lucky?

Or do you think they do something a little differently and know something that the rest don’t. The funny thing is, that luck got nothing to do with it, the successful people simply know how to avoid and escape from newbie traps and information overload. If you are struggling to become successful with online marketing you are to find out exactly why? and it is probably not what you think.

What I am about to revile to you in this article series is something that online marketing gurus don’t teach!

Soon you will know how to break in to that small group of people that are successful. I’m tired of seeing internet marketing newbies struggling, getting no ware and being taken advantage of. So I have decided to share one of mine very important discoveries that I have learned over the years that helped me to become full time internet marketer.

If you take action on what you about to read here, you will avoid frustration and anger that so many people are going through right now. And it will cut your learning curve from years down to weeks.

So why so many people fail or get stuck in never ending struggle just to get started? What I have discovered for all this time of being online is that they are locked in newbie traps!

But what are those traps?

Newbie traps are the constrains that are holding you back.

Those traps make 95% of people who wants to make money online are stuck and getting no ware. No matter what they do, how much they learn and how many ebooks and courses they buy and how many years they waste trying, they still not going to be able to successed online. Becoming successful in online business is simply not about just buying ebooks, learning the techniques and then doing them. If it was that easy everyone would be successful. I tell you there is much more than that.

The most terrifying thing about the newbie traps is that most people don’t even realize that they are in them. This is due to many of those traps are unconscious limited behaviors. So since the traps are invisible they don’t see the reasons to make the changes in order to break free and get out. They go online and try to fix the wrong things in their lives and businesses. These traps are so powerful that can cose you to make the same mistakes that are holding you back over and over again without even realizing it. Imagine if someone come to you today and handed the perfect online marketing course, you still wouldn’t be successful if you are couth up in newbie traps. Maybe its hard to believe but you will probably realize yourself after this article series.

It doesn’t mean that you should stop spending money on ebooks and online marketing courses until you find out which straps are holding you back, you just need to realize what it is that prevents you from being successful online.

You will discover here how to understand and identify your specific newbie traps and then you can brake free of them and then become successful. After you start making changes you will immediately start to see the results.

Here are the questions you need to ask yourself:

1. Are you overwhelmed and confused by all the money making information you are finding online?

2. Do you feel that you could be successful if you get started but you dont know where to start?

3. Do you find yourself stuck in the research mode, locked in the cycle of buying and learning but not really make anything to make money?

4. Do you feel like you have learned a lot but you don’t know how to fit that all together?

5. Do you feel like there is to many destructions, to much misinformation and hype online to ever get focused?

6. Do you think that not knowing how to build websites and other technical problems are holding you back?

7. Are you afrate to invest time and money in to something that may not be successful?

8. Have you ever bought an ebook and switched to something else before even finishing reading it?

9. Would you say that you actually take an action but nothing seems to work the way you would expect it to?

10. Do you know what you need to do, but you just can’t get the motivation to do it?

11. If you making some money, do you feel like you are working way too hard for the small amount of money that you are making?

12. Do you have hard time focusing on or finishing a project?

13. Do you find yourself procrastinating, a lot?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, you must have symptoms of being stuck in a newbie trap. You need to identify which one is puling you down and take actions to set yourself free.

Stop sabotaging yourself and your business.

Good luck,