Niche Finding Techniques That Work

Google did $9 Billion in revenue last year. 96% or more of that came from PPC advertising. Think there’s some valuable data in there somewhere? recently posted an awesome infographic showing where/how Google made $37.9 billion last year.
The top 10 industries spending money were:

1. Finance & Insurance
2. Retailers & General Merchandise
3. Travel & Tourism
4. Jobs & Education
5. Home & Garden
6. Computers & Consumer Electronics
7. Vehicles
8. Internet & Telecom
9. Business & Industrial
10. Occasions & Gifts

Hmm… pretty interesting data. Now we know the top 10 most competitive markets online. And because we know competition only exists where people are making money, these are good starting points.
Would I suggest you build a campaign or site targeting “Insurance.” Absolutely not. These are just markets to get your creative juices flowing.
Take these markets and drill down. Stop by one of your favorite affiliate networks and look at products in these verticals. Are you finding products that are selling well? Who do those products target?
Remember You’re looking for a niche of passionate, dedicated people within that overall market. I’ve even heard of this referred to as “hair on fire” niches. Another term is finding the “desperate buyer.” It’s not about exploitation. It’s about service to a group of people looking to be served.
Many of the products you find will be targeting a very specific niche within an overall market. Do a little keyword research. See any with low competition and high search volume? How about the product name – think you could rank for that? You may have just found your next niche if you answered yes.
If you’re a paid traffic affiliate you could use this list to find sub niches. For example, traffic costs would be too high to advertise to “gardeners.” And why would you want to anyway – that’s too general. All kinds of problems arise when you don’t know who EXACTLY you’re speaking to (I mentioned that twice for a reason).
Building a funnel for Organic tomato gardeners is where you want to go with this. It’s a sub niche within gardening that you can speak to directly. Products that sell well in the networks and marketplaces (like amazon) will reveal these sub niches to you.

3. Site Selling Marketplaces
There are several site buying/selling networks now. is probably the most mature and trusted of the lot. These marketplaces are a treasure trove of niche ideas. Nay, they are a treasure trove of proven niche ideas.

Here’s a list of a few networks

Search these networks for the most recently sold sites. Most marketplaces have a handy filter option to narrow it down. Then take a look at the sites that sold for the most amount of money. Boom! You’ve got an instant list of hot niches.
The sites that sell for top dollar have proven track records. Sure stuff can be faked but buyers are more educated and savvy than ever. There is a very high chance that those sites are legit and worth competing with.
If you’re an organic guy or gal you’ve now got a site to reverse engineer. Keywords, products, and monetization strategies that have proven to work are all yours.
If you’re a paid guy or gal – you’ve got verified evidence that a niche makes money. If it’s an affiliate site (not adsense) you’ve now got a product that you know converts. And on top of all that you’ve got a great site to examine and learn what makes the people in that niche tick. Their fears, their hopes, their dreams.
These are my most effective niche finding tactics. The site selling network strategy itself has made me six figures. All have proven effective not only for me.

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