Movie Making 101: How To Make Movies If You’re “Camera Shy”

Lights, Cameras. Action! You’re A Star!

But what if you don’t want to stand in the spotlight?

If you wondered how the pros film high quality videos for their websites and products but were
too shy to step in front of the camera yourself — worry no more!

You can film your own “off screen” movies by using PowerPoint or Keynote to display your screen
instead of your blemishes on your website or blog. The only trick is knowing how to record and
film those slides on your computer.

If you have a PC then I highly recommend Camtasia. It’s screen capture software that can
literally record anything you do on your computer screen and turn it into a video. You simply
record your presentation and audio and you’re all set.

If you have a Mac then you can actually record your slides with audio and export them as a
Quicktime video in Keynote itself! You can also download a wonderful program called ScreenFlow
that will allow you to capture your entire screen like Camtasia does.

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