Hi guys, here we have two messages out of many I got on one of the social networking sites about lead generation.

Here is what Lilach says,

I don’t use a lead generation program but create my own by using the following:

Twitter, Facebook, Viral URL, Viral Hosts, List Joe, Youtube, My blog, Article marketing, Video marketing, Forums, Classified ad’s

On a good day I can get 20 optins a day, I’ve found it’s increasing daily.

They should keep you busy anyway 😉

Well, as you can see Lilach has figured it out!

And James added, lead generation systems are NOT lead generation systems. They are LEAD COLLECTION SYSTEMS!

The lead generation comes from you with all the advertising, posting & marketing of your lead COLLECTION link.

These systems, yep – every one of them, is designed to COLLECT a prospects information & plug it into an autoresponder that will keep pushing marketing material toward the prospect until he/she makes a decision to get involved with the program themself.

I challenge anyone out there to show me a lead GENERATION system, a system that you can put together, switch it to autopilot & sit back while it generates tons of leads for you.

Isn’t that what the word “generation” suggests?

What these systems do is exactly what Lilach is doing, except the system consolidates it into a single funnel for you and enables you to keep better track of where the leads are coming from. But, you still have to do the work, promoting the links to your capture pages.

Those two messages contain the secret to having a constant stream of leads asking you to share your information with them.

Once someone is on your list, what you do from there is critical to your success.


The true power lies in the broadcast feature.

When you are sending a daily email to your friends on your mailing list, you’ll be

building that relationship that online marketers are all constantly crowing about.

The reason most don’t do this effectively is because they don’t know what to say.

They rely on the emails written by someone else to “market” to their list.

This is a recipe for failure.

Nobody on your list is going to learn about you and what you want to teach them through

a bunch of emails written by someone else. You MUST write emails about how you’re doing and

what you’re doing in your daily life. Then you relate these thoughts and actions to your online

marketing business.

If you don’t come across as a real person, you won’t build the rapport with your future team

members that you so desperately desire.

So put your personality into your writing. Write emails to your list daily. Make them offers

and continue to share marketing tips with them. Over time they will come to realize that

you really can help them. They’ll buy what you’re selling. Then you can help them build their

business to the point of going full-time and quitting their job.

That is what it’s all about?

Have an inspired day,

Michael Wyszomierski