Today I have something a bit diferent from all my recent posts.

I am sure you will like it, its about understanding your personal power, and this will give you a bit to think about.

For you to gain maximum power, it is essential that you take responsibility for everything that happens in your world, in your universe and that you recognise yourself as cause, not effect. As you begin working with this concept, some people it feel overwhelming rather than empowering. But that feeling disappears when you fully understand the meaning of the concepts.

First of all, taking full responsibility, definitely, does not mean that you are at fault or to blame for your universe. Cause and effect is definitely not about fault or blame at all. The concept of cause and effect is very simple. From a physical point of view, cause and effect works like this: If I bang my head against a brick wall, my head will hurt. And every time I bang my head against a brick wall, my head will hurt. That’s a cause and effect.

Here’s where responsibility creates empowerment. Some people recognise that they are the cause of the head banging. They realise that they can and should relate to the brick wall differently to produce a different result. They can walk around it, jump over it, climb over it or build a door to go through it. But using their head as some sort of battering ram is highly unlikely to be effective!

Other people remain on the effect side of the equation. “That brick wall is just too strong, too stubborn and unconquerable. If that brick wall wasn’t there, my head wouldn’t hurt.” Other people aren’t stuck with brick walls. “How come I have to bang into one? Why won’t that wall disappear? I guess I’ll just have to keep banging away and resign myself to a constant headache…” Can you relate to this? Which side of the cause and effect equation are you on in the various areas of your life?

Another simple way to look at cause and effect is that it can be viewed as “reasons versus results”. On the effect side of the equation are all the reasons: the reasons why you don’t have the things you want, why you’re not creating what you want in your life, why you’re not experiencing a fuller life. On the cause side of the equation, you have results. When you move yourself from the effect side to the cause side of the equation, you become empowered and you increase your results . That’s exciting! Therefore, rather than looking at it as purely cause and effect, ask yourself, in the different areas in your life, are you getting your results (do you realise you are the cause and creator of your reality) or do you have all the reasons why you don’t have your results or what you want?

Cause and effect are easy to see from a physical standpoint. It’s fairly obvious how our physical actions cause certain effects. If you don’t exercise and you overeat, you often get fat. If you act as a good friend to others, you’ll probably have good friends. If you drive at 60mph in a 30mph zone, you are likely to get a speeding ticket.

In most traditions and in NLP, we teach that not only your actions but also your thoughts and your words have creative power as well. What you hold in your mind creates a result, so everything you think, everything you say and everything you do has consequence. This means that at some level you created everything that is in your world, everything that is around you. Knowing that you have caused this result, you realise that you can change it. And you have additional power in that you can choose how you wish to create to what you’ve created.That’s cause and effect.

Cause and effect is saying, “I am responsible for what I am getting in my life.” If not for creating the circumstance or event itself, then at least we are responsible for our reaction to it. We are responsible for what we’re getting in our lives. We are the cause. We are at cause for creating all the negative and positive that’s happening in our lives.

Like many systems, NLP teaches us that the power comes from within us. It is already present in each of us and it’s waiting to be tapped into. There are no exceptions. As you begin to own that power and realise that you can create your world exactly as you want it, your unconscious mind will accept your evaluation as the truth and act accordingly.

Pay attention to what instructions you give to yourself, what are you saying to yourself? Pay attention to how you accept or reject information. Pay attention to how you perceive the world around you. With just some subtle changes you could begin to see and experience the universe exactly the way you want to. You have become at cause. You are fully responsible for that.

Consider the various areas in your life. Do you have reasons or results? Are you willing to give up the reasons? Because successful, happy people give up their reasons and go for what they desire, and they get their results. Have you seen the movie The Pursuit of Happiness, it’s an example of this. To see that others can do something magnificent in life and step out above and beyond what is expected is inspiring for all of us.

However, often we wait for something to happen to us rather than taking charge. I feel that I have been very fortunate on my journeys to learn from incredible masters, wonderful teachers & mentors. One important lesson they taught me was to take the initiative and take action.


Stay active, 🙂