Its been months since I have posted something new on my blog, so its time to come back to my good old blog.

To be successful with your online business it all boils down to the main 3 things.

First of, we all make things in our life difficult when we really don’t have to. I think it makes us feel important or something by over complicating most things in our life and business.
I want to give you this quick and easy guideline for laying out exactly what you need to focus on each and every week to maximize your production and build a successful business.
In order to grow effectively you must maintain focus on your current business and master 3 key components.  That’s it, just 3 things and you’ll be fine.
Now, to be honest, each “thing” is quite robust and you can get lost within it, but you need to realize this and accept the challenge.  By focusing on these 3 areas, you want to break down the amount of time you work on each, so as to NOT get bogged down with any one concern.
Okay, so here are the 3 core components you need to focus on to have a successful online marketing business.

Create content with a purpose#1.  Content Creation: Content creation makes up the majority of what you do online.  Let’s face it, everything we do online is creating some form of content.  You need to recognize this fact and use it to your advantage.
Especially in the beginning of your business, this is the most important and also the most intimidating.  Why?  Well, most people are not writers, as they think they need to be, and most people don’t know what to write about because they’re new and don’t possess the knowledge yet.
Get over it!
If we needed to be writers and knowledgeable to be successful online, no one would make it!  You need to stop making excuses and find the ways to produce quality content. It’s just that simple.
The easiest way to face this challenge is to educate yourself on what you feel you need to master the most in your business.  Do you need help with traffic generation?  Well, take a couple hours and research information about traffic generation and then write about what you learned. (Then implement what you learned BTW, as that’s what makes you successful too.)
Whatever your situation is, you can learn about something and then tell other people about it.  And as far as where to publish your info…there are too many places to mention that here in this post, but here are just a few…
article directories, blogs, forums, squidoo lens,hub page, youtube, wiki sites, websites…

Proven Traffic Plan#2.  Traffic Generation: You need to be able to bring people to your sites and then get them to give you their email address. After that you can build a relationship with them through follow up messages and help them with their problems by purchasing something from you at some time in the future.
It’s that simple in concept, but anyone who’s been online trying to do this learns fast, that’s it’s not as easy as all the great sales pages say it is.  The best way to get people to give you their info is to offer them something of value that they can get immediate benefit from.  This would fall under Content Creation so I’m not going to go into depth on this now, but just know, that you need something cool to give away to start this process.
As far as traffic goes, you must first understand that NOT all traffic is created equal.  You must lay out a game plan and test and test to find out what traffic sources work best for you.  If you are not tracking your results and using the proper tools for stats and tracking, you’ll find that you don’t have enough information to determine what results you are truly getting with your traffic.  So, you MUST be tracking, period.
Here are some of the top traffic sources you can look to implement in your business:
PPC, Social Media, Forums, Videos, Articles,Blogs, Ezines, SEO, JV’s, Banners…
There are tons of ways to drive traffic, but the most important element is understanding what is going on with the traffic you’re getting.  That’s why tracking is vital if you’re gonna have any chance at winning this game! (Notice how I threw this in twice and kinda harped on it? Yup, it’s that important!)

Continued Education Will Set You Apart#3.  Research and Training: This final area of concern you need to focus on with your business each and every week often gets overlooked the most.  This will give you the needed information for you to have plenty of knowledge to provide valuable content.
It will also continue to keep you up to date on the industry and what’s going on.  This way you can be one step ahead of your competition.  Most people when they get involved with an online business are very excited in the very beginning and study and research like crazy.  But, after they join, they start to get bogged down with the mechanics of the business and start to pull away from education.
You need to not only brand yourself as the professional and authority in your market, but also need to become one! This is the secret sauce if you will.  The more you educate yourself and spread the word of your education by passing it on in your content, the faster you start to understand this business for yourself and you actually start to become the powerful authority figure that people turn to for information and also buy stuff from.
So, in conclusion, I’d like to say that if you focus on these 3 areas for your business each and every week, you’ll start to see the results you’re striving for faster than any other way.
The best way to do this is set a schedule where you map out the times you will focus on each area and stick to it.  The more specific you can be in your schedule with your duties for the week, the better off you’ll be.

Lets get to work my friend

To your success,