Hey guys, since we’re already one month into 2012 it’s time to evaluate performance to see if any optimizations need to be made to accomplish those New Years goals we set just a couple of weeks ago. Like any other, this year has been very busy for myself as I’ve already traveled quite a lot around Europe.  Since I travel a lot I have to make sure I’m utilizing my time efficiently and being productive every time I sit behind a computer.  I’m an Entrepreneur – if I don’t work, I don’t make money.  The more campaigns and websites I create, the more I can make.

Some tips to optimize your performance:

Check your posture – One thing a lot of guys out there don’t consider is how their posture sitting behind a computer can effect your performance.  You should sit up-right with your feet on the ground and lower back supported.  Shoulders should be drawn back and should not stoop forward.  Improving your posture will allow you to sit for a longer period of time and help keep you focused on each task efficiently.

Use Your Time Online Efficiently – Each time when you sit down on a computer you should consider not the amount of time online but what you accomplished.  Some people may get distracted by checking emails, Facebook, or other social networks.  Restrict yourself to only checking those once you’ve finished what you got online to accomplish (rather it’s a new campaign or optimizing a current website).

Equal Time Executing – If you’ve spent four hours developing a campaign you should spend at least four hours executing it.  For what seems like a no brainer, some affiliates will build something out to only test with one or two traffic sources and then “move onto the next thing.”  If you spend time building and developing something you should spend at least equal time to successfully executing it.

Work Through Travel – A lot of guys will use the airport as a place to tie on a nice buzz before taking a plane ride 30,000 feet in the air.  Rather than doing that, utilize business centers in the airports and connect to the Wifi during flight.  Delta has seriously made it so easy I can accomplish pretty much everything in their first/business class cabin.  From video recordings to Skype conference calls, I’ve done it all in the air.

Clean Up Those Diets – Saturated fats bring you down.  Replace those with fresh fruit and you’ll feel better sitting for long periods of time.  Less fried foods and more lean, fresh items!

Exercise – Believe it or not a nice jog can raise the dopamine levels in your brain and increase your overall mood.  If you’re busy go run a quick 10 minute mile or hit the gym for super intense 25min workout.  That’s not that hard to do and will leave you feeling a lot better overall.

Keep in mind, I’m not a doctor so take these for what they’re worth.  These are some things I focus on and have found a dramatic increase in productivity, energy, and overall success.  They’re quick and easy optimizations you can do for your benefit!