Very often in life we end up doing things that we think we SHOULD be doing,

things that we don’t like doing and to be honest we don’t truly want to do

but we feel that we ought to do, most of the time out of a misguided duty,

out of false guilt or even through peer pressure, you know?

Everyone else is doing it so we think we should too! So why is it that we feel so

compelled to give away our personal power? What stops us from being who we

truly are or want to be? What stops us from being authentic?

Is there a better way? The fact that we even dream of their being a better

way already presupposes that there MUST!!

We spend hours, days, even years following rules and regulations that are

not our own, we didn’t choose them, or did I simply miss the voting? We

find ourselves getting caught up in other people’s values and beliefs about

how things should or shouldn’t be. We are fed this constant pressure from

friends, colleagues and society to follow trends and fashion, all of the

must have’s, those latest gadgets that you can’t live without and all of

the time, that nagging feeling that we should be seen to be doing something.

Surely it’s time to say STOP, I’m tired of having what I don’t want, NOW

it’s my time to focus on what I do want.

We could choose to do nothing and go on losing ourselves in a myriad of

obligations, we could choose to keep rushing from one place to the other

always on the go…but think about it? Where are we going?

We seem to be human doings rather than human beings!

It’s easy to forget who we are when we don’t allow ourselves the grace to simply BE.

We’ve been missing so many of life’s joys.

Be honest when was the last time you gave yourself the space to properly

appreciate just how many wonderful, beautiful and amazing

things you do have in your life.

It’s time for you to learn to give yourself the clarity and power to be who

you are meant to be.

Discover what your values and beliefs are, what drives you!

and simply keep the things that serve you well and change easily the ones that don’t.

Design your Future, your life and create a new you, become YOUR own perfect human being!

Thank you for reading,

Michael Wyszomierski