Google +1 button potentially means more leads and web traffic for You..

There was a time when it was popular among “big name” Internet marketers to dismiss Social
Media marketing as not being worth their time.

They preferred major traffic sources like Pay-Per-Click Advertising. That was all “fine and
dandy” until Google started taking a strong dislike to the home based business industry. Which
soon made it difficult to get your ads approved.

Not completely impossible. But difficult.

Of course, Facebook Pay-Per-Click Advertising came along. It’s still here.

But while I’m no expert in Facebook Pay-Per-Click Advertising it’s not hard to see that the
lead generation bonanza is probably not going to last forever… (It takes increasingly clever
strategies to get your ads approved…)

The first movers do have a distinct advantage over everybody else. There is absolutely no doubt
in my mind about that.

Because it’s been proven time and time again.

But that doesn’t mean that there’s no room for smart beginners.

It simply means that you have to keep your ears open for new trends as they emerge. Or master
keystone principles that apply with every traffic source.

There’s one trend in particular that I think you should keep your eyes on right now. It’s the
introduction of Social Search features by none other than Google themselves.

Recently, Google added a new experimental feature to Google Search called “+1” (It’s pronounced
“plus one”)

Those “in the know” are calling it the most significant social feature that has ever been added
to the Google search engine.

It will potentially redefine how we do Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and
even Paid Advertising through Google in this industry…

It will potentially alter the face of Internet marketing as we know it…

But what exactly is Google’s +1?

In simple terms, Google’s +1 is nothing more than a button that behaves like the “Facebook
Like” button, or the “Twitter Retweet” button on steroids.

You see those Social Media buttons on almost every website these days.

They allow readers to share their favorite content with their friends or followers on Social
Media sites like Facebook or Twitter.

Those “in the know” know that these simple buttons multiply the amount of web traffic and
visitors you’re able to drive to your websites or blogs.

But the Google +1 button is whole new beast because it will position a new +1 button next to
all Search Engine Results and Paid Advertising results in Google…

This button will display when your contacts in your Google social network have “liked” a
certain advertisement or website. It will eventually affect which results show up in the Search
Engine Results on Google when you search.

It will, in effect, bridge the Social Media to Search Engine Results gap.

If we assume that this new Google “button” experiment is a success then there will essentially
cease to be a major difference between the two.

Social Media Marketing + Search Engine Marketing = More Web Traffic And More Leads

Social Media marketing will be the new Search Engine Marketing. (This shouldn’t be a surprise
because Social Media has had a massive impact on search engine results for years now. In a
sense, this is the next logical step.)

If we clear all the technical jargon out of the way then there’s a really easy way to look at
this potential opportunity in the near future.

Here’s what it means for you and for everybody else who wants to learn how to market their
services or opportunities online:

Your social network will have a dramatic impact on how much web traffic and leads you are able
to generate through the Google Search Engine on a daily basis.

This shouldn’t be a secret because networking has always been about social networks online or

The good news is that Internet marketing is going to become a lot more like the old days of
“meet and greet” and a lot less like the “Wild West” days of endless web traffic and anti-
social Internet marketing…

This will make it easier to market yourself online if you’re a social butterfly… 🙂

If you want to learn more about Google +1 this video explains it simply…

I’m not saying that this is the way the web is definitely going to go…

Because Google’s +1 button might not catch on…

But if it does then hopefully you heard about it here first…