Easy Tip – “Brain Dead” Simple Web Design

There’s tons of books out there about web design.

Unfortunately, most of them have been written by web designers who have never had to sell or market anything in their entire professional lives. That’s perfectly understandable because they aren’t Internet Marketers.

Nor do they need to be Internet Marketers.

Besides, you have to admit that they design gorgeous websites. Websites with flashy animations, pretty graphics, drop down menus, and every “whiz bang” web-widget you can imagine…

The problem is, you’re not in business to look pretty.

You’re in business to [insert your goal here]… 😉

If you want to build a website that will convert skeptical “suspects” into prequalified prospects then forget about being flashy for now…

Keep your website simple. Maybe nothing more than a lead capture page with a single video, opt-in form, and a wall of testimonials… at first…

If you’re willing to pay for web traffic then that “butt ugly” lead capture page might be all you need to generate leads for years to come…

Nothing fancy… but it works!

Good luck,


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