It’s almost September, and for the last two years it reminds me of my first online training.

And yes, one of the youngest millionaires in this industry was right.

That webinar completely turned everything upside down 🙂

I started to understand, how incredibly effective and powerful is internet when it comes to making money.

But you need to know how to use online tools the right way.

And this is the case: many gurus talk about autoresponders, building a list, social media,… But not many of them know how to do it the right way so it gives desired effects.

Same thing is with free info products. Suddenly everyone is writing ebooks and recording boot camps and trainings, offer help and guidance.

But the question is? can they do it right and properly and most of all is their business booming from the actions they take?

Sometimes I read on different forums, that we shouldn’t exaggerate with all this online list building and that the real relationships can’t be build through internet connection. The one who say that know very little or mostly focus on building their image and not business.

These days there is no better way to effectively build a list and expand in your market than through internet.

Hundreds of thousands of people every day are looking for extra income on internet and over 50.000 joins online business opportunities every day. So instead of trying to convince the skeptics, you better let yourself be found by those who are searching and are serious about making money online.

And then the whole online business fun starts for real 🙂

To your success,